Pearson family living room- stage set.
   Reverse of the Pearson family living room- stage set.
  Pearson family kitchen/ family room- stage set.
  Reverse of Pearson family kitchen- stage set.
  Dad's (Maurice Godin) office in Pearson house- stage set
  Family room in Pearson house- stage set.
  Aaron's (Hutch Dano) bedroom in the Pearson house- stage set.
  Goth Bumble Bee scout's (Kelly Gould) bedroom 
  Reverse of Goth Bumble bee scout's (Kelly Gould) bedroom ( she's really into Halloween, costumes and makeup)
  Loft apartment
 A reverse of the loft apartment.
  "Camporee", yearly Bumble Bee scout event and final scenes of the movie. It was decided to make it an indoor event because of the severe winter conditions.
  A view of "Camporee" inside the gate, with brown and honey striped Bumble Bee scouts. 
 A detail shot of the indoor "campfire" of the Bumble Bee scouts Camporee.
  Over sized Ice hound graphic frozen in rink.
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