Lava Springs Country Club kitchen stage set built for the "Work It Out" dance number.
  Another view of the Lava Springs Kitchen stage set.
  Another view of the Lava Springs kitchen stage set.
  Model of kitchen build and adjoining rooms. Designing for choreography requires extremely thorough planning for scale and placement of objects.
  Another view of the Lava Springs kitchen stage set model for the choreographers.
  Wild stage and artificial rock pieces built into existing club house. The whole stage was a series of custom made wagons that snugged up to the building and locked together. The thrust, or nose of the stage, the stairways and the downstage rock pieces had to be removed after each night of filming to prevent the grass from dying. 
  Sharpay's (Ashley Tisdale) rehearsal set for "You are the Music In Me" reprise.
 "The Music in Me" in progress.
  Over-sized basketball floor graphics  to create the "University of Albuquerque".
  Sharpay's (Ashley Tisdale) piano and pool cabanas for "Fabulous" dance number.
 Musical twins Ryan (Lucas Grabeel) and Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale) perform "Fabulous" on the pool's pink grand piano.
  Sharpay's (Ashley Tisdale) cocktail lime raft for "Fabulous". She floated in her giant "cocktail" on this lime-slice, and was surrounded by "ice cubes" we fashioned from inflatable clear vinyl ottomans.
  Sharpay's (Ashley Tisdale) custom golf cart.
 The stage-set volcano for the very strange musical number "Humuhumu".
 The cast of High School Musical 2 performs "What Time is it?" in front of East High.
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