Overhead shot of the Customs Enforcement office.
  Another area in the Customs Enforcement office.
  Build-out for a warehouse gunfight.
  More warehouse dress/build-out for a gunfight.
  FBI's Alaskan field office.
  A scene in Con Express called for the hi-jacking of a diesel locomotive. Actual cabs of diesel locomotives are tiny and cramped, so we built this one on an inner-tube gimbal, large enough to accommodate a driver and three hi-jackers.
  General Simeonov (Arnold Vosloo) waits in the interrogation room of the FBI's Alaskan field office.
  Another view of the gimbaled locomotive cab stage set.
  Practical train car modified for "hazardous material" transport.
  Interior of practical train car modified for "hazardous materials" and built-out with wall panels for squibs.
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