Underlit, circular stage for a Bill Graham style stadium preacher (David Strathairn)
  Wide shot of the underlit stage in a stadium full of the faithful.
  Stadium skybox stage set.
  Preacher's (David Strathairn) conference room.
  Garish shock jock's (Rick Hoffman) tv studio set.
  Another view of the shock jock's (Rick Hoffman) studio set. 
  The preacher/former astronaut (David Strathairn) dreams he finds his younger self trapped in his capsule deep beneath the water. Here we draped an indoor diving pool in black, then built a water resistant capsule wall for the gag.
  This miniature space capsule was placed on a dry "sea floor" set fogged-up and surrounded in black to allow us to shoot his approach to it.
  A view of the miniature space capsule resting on the "Sea Floor".
  A remote, abandoned "Mexican" airstrip shack and gate build.
  Cheap "Mexican"variety store dress.
  Another view of a cheap "Mexican" variety store dress.
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