Production Design for Film & Television


As a Production Designer and Creative Consultant for film and television, Mark Hofeling has brought proven industry experience to a number of movies, television shows, commercials, theatrical sets, themed environments, scenic environments, interior designs, scripts and stages.

Mark Hofeling can accommodate needs for set design and set construction for even the most complex and intricate commercial, feature film, motion picture, and television projects. He brings hands-on experience with a background in set design, art direction, conceptual drawing, carpentry, paint, crews, crew management and travel. With humor and ethics, Mark is capable of executing the most demanding of creative concepts and ideas while working effectively with production staff and studio stages.

He offers pre-production support and general expertise in the areas of Production Design, Art Direction, Theatre, Set Design, Performance Stage Design, Illustration, Concept Sketching, Conceptual Drawing, Drafting, Storyboards, Materials Research, Location Research, Prototype Development, Product Development, General Design Direction, Scenic Fabrication, Custom Fabrication, Prop Construction, Exhibitions, Retail Design, Showroom Floor, Displays, Product Launches, Theatrical Productions, Theatrical Painting, Period Signage Design, Scenic Painting, Large Scale Performance, Events, Space Planning, Materials Consultation, Technical Consultation, Interior Design, Custom Built Furniture, Temporary Structures.