Wrecked contemporary cruise ship cabin a thousand years in the future stage set.
  Another view of a wrecked contemporary cruise ship cabin a thousand years in the future stage set.
  Archeology lab stage-set belonging to a scientist (Barry Watson) in a very Orwellian future a thousand years hence, complete with precious 20th century artifacts, such as pink flamingo's, a mirror ball and a laptop.
  Reverse view of the future archeologist's (Barry Watson) lab stage set.
  Time-travel laboratory stage set of another scientist (Fred Willard) in the distant, dystopian future complete with time machine.
  Another view of the future temporal scientist's (Fred Willard) time machine.
  "Strange Times" New Orleans newspaper office. It's a "Weekly World News", ridiculous, photo-shopped hoax style, check-out-aisle tabloid. We created the newspaper masthead as a primary colored, attention grabbing graphic, then used the same colors to make the newsroom a bold, splashy, carnival atmosphere.
  Another view of the chaotic "Strange Times" newspaper office, with absurd and comical "Strange Times" front pages framed on the wall. (To see the front pages we created to add a layer of authenticity to the set,  click here ).
  Lobby of the "Strange Times" New Orleans newspaper office.
  Our two hapless time-travellers (Barry Watson & Fred Willard) steal a car from the New Orleans Federal building to drive across town to the Strange Times newspaper office. The director wanted to sell the idea that their journey had not been too pretty. So I gave him this gag of a car, complete with clothes lines, bird houses, a chain link fence and even a birthday cake.
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