Russo family sandwich shop interior/exterior stage set- street scene complete with subway-dining car.
  Interior of Russo family sandwich shop interior of interior/exterior stage set. (This is a recreation of a standing sitcom set originally designed by Michael Hynes in LA. We recreated it as a single-camera set for the movie in Puerto Rico).
  Reverse of the Russo family sandwich shop interior/exterior stage set, note the subway-dining car element. This is a detachable, fully gimbaled unit used in a fantasy runaway train sequence.
  Here is the detached subway-dining car being shot in it's runaway train sequence.
  "Wizard Battle Field" We created these concentric rings of "stone" obelisks and ribbon banners surrounding a three legged "stone" table to create some visual landmarks in an otherwise vast empty space during a fast paced action and effects sequence.
  This "wizard-carved" cave protected "the Stone of Dreams", the most important object in the wizard universe. It sits on it's pedestal protected by a "bottomless pit" and a latticework of crumbling beams and columns.
  Reverse of the cave. The entry end and paint finish were made to match an amazing natural cave system in Puerto Rico we used to lead our hero's deep into this magically hewn hiding place.
  Ruined fortress gate hiding the beginning of the Wizard's treacherous path, built just at the high tide line.
  "Floating" stones, built on our efx crew's brilliant universal hydraulic gimbals, magically carried our hero's (David Henrie & Selena Gomez) across the yawning chasm. We actually used this golf course fairway as a natural green screen.
  Tropical resort hotel room for the Russo kids (Selena Gomez, Dvid Henrie & Jake T. Austin).
  Tropical resort hotel room for Mr. and Mrs. Russo (David DeLuise & Maria Canals-Barrera).
  The Russo family at their tropical resort (Selena Gomez, Jake T. Austin, David DeLuise & Maria Canals-Barrera).
  The Russo Family (David DeLuise, Maria Canals-Barrera, Jake T. Austin, David Henrie & Selena Gomez) in the "wizard-carved" cave.
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