Graphics, planters and fountain added to East High School facade.
  We loved the bones of this fantastic public school cafeteria, it was perfect for staging big, Busby Berkeley style dance numbers. But in it's original form it was far too bland for our idealized high school. Inspired by a recent trip to see the work of the great muralists of Mexico, I divided high school into three concepts and did a foam-cut mural for each; The Arts (top of frame), Athletics (center frame), and Academics (not pictured).
  Overhead view of the East High School cafeteria dressed for the "Status Quo" dance number.
  Set pieces for the "Twinkle Town" musical the cast was preparing for.
  The tree from the "Twinkle Town" musical the cast was preparing for.
 Troy and Gabriella (Zach Efron and Vanessa Hudgens) dance in the finale "We're all in this Together".
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