See You in my Dreams was adapted from an excellent Sam Shepard story andtold the tale of a poor and increasingly desperate family from 1943 to1973. What starts as an ideal young American family deteriorates intojoblessness, poverty and alcoholism. Here is the kitchen/living room oftheir working-class farm house during good times......
  Here is the same room after Mother (Marcia Gay Harden) and son (WillEstes) leave after years of abuse and neglect. Father Joe (Aidan Quinn)hunkers down in one room as his life further deteriorates.
  Years later we find Joe (Aidan Quinn) the shattered World War II veteran  living out his last days in a wretched tenement hotel awash in the  debris of his former life.
  A reverse of Joe's (Aidan Quinn) squalid tenement.
  The "Bottle House" was a multi-staged set piece set in the bleak desertthat helped describe the arc from youthful optimism to neglect toeventual abandonment.
  A dress for a low-end early 1960's liquor store.
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