Granite peak and Ram mascot build in an existing planter bed and re-branded high school facade. The ram mascot was designed to hang two unfortunate freshmen (Jason Dolley & Luke Benward) from their underwear.
  Abandoned public high school fallout shelter stage set. 
  Reverse view of fallout shelter's electrical room. from which our young heros patch a huge amount of power to run their ramshackle time machine.
  Detail of blast door. Note the portraits of the "current" President and VP the last time the shelter was stocked flanking the door; Eisenhower and Nixon. Some jokes write themselves.
  Detail of teen mad scientist's (Jason Dolley, Luke Benward & Nicholas Braun) Time Machine made out of cobbled together junk found around their school and some junked motorcycles.
  50's themed high school dance. Because it was a farcical time-travel themed movie, I suggested a "rock around the clock" 50's dance as a gag.
  Lawn maintenance cart augmented with quantum accelerator rocket engine.
  Detail of quantum engine.
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