The San Ramos Catholic church and rectory interior/exterior set built on empty lot. The story called for a seriously dilapidated church in a dying desert town.  (Church photos by  Lance Clayton )
  Another view of the San Ramos Catholic Church int/ext build. We chose to make a board and bat wooden slat style church because the script called for religious pilgrims to affix thousands of novenas to the building, and this construction would make that quite simple. Also we decided to locate the entrance on a side rather than an end so we would not have to fill the huge interior with extras every time we saw inside the door. 
  An interior view of the San Ramos church build. The scaffolding around the crucifix was a story point, allowing an immigrant boy to hide in the ceiling of this crumbling old building.
  Detail of the large Christ figure and crucifix we had sculpted for the interior of the San Ramos church build.
  Detail of the crucifix.
  Reverse from the altar of the San Ramos church interior.
  San Ramos' ramshackle gas station.
  Tattered town sign for the once proud, now dying border town of San Ramos.
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