The Runner is a drama about hard luck gamblers who run cash to sports books for the ruthless super-gambler Deepthroat (John Goodman). This is Deepthroat's villanous lair/command center we built in an old auto parts warehouse.
  Another view of the evil Deepthraot's (John Goodman) Lair.
  Another view of Deepthroat's (John Goodman) lair.
  Deepthroat (John Goodman) at the command center in his lair.
  This is a view of the huge casino sprts book we built. It was designed to match an actual casino in Wendover, Nevada, which we used for the main casino floor.
  Another view of the huge casino sports book set we built on a stage.
  Edward (Ron Eldard) and 477 (Bokeem Woddbine) enter the sports book casino stage set.
  A detail showing the racing mural and betting counter at the front of our sports book stage set.
  A shot of Edward (Ron Eldard) at the betting tables in our casino sports book stage set.
  Edward (Ron Eldard) watching his fortunes slip away at the asino sports book betting tables.
  Edward's (Ron Eldard) crummy gambler's Vegas apartment stage set.
  Karina (Courteney Cox) in the kitchen of Edward's crummy Vegas aprtment.
  Another view of Karina (Courteney Cox) in the living room of Edward's crummy Vegas apartment stage set.
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