A really sad municipal ice rink made fabulous.
  This photo shows a major national figure skating championship. We painted the hockey rink pure white, removed all the protective glass, and created huge wintery graphics to drape the walls and beautify the dasher-boards.
 Part of the story centered around the idea of female hockey players becoming figure skaters and vis versa. Here we see a bland municipal hockey rink given some color and light.
 Huge eagle graphic frozen into the hockey rink.
  Girls boarding school dormitory hallway stage set.
  A reverse of a girl's boarding school dormitory stage set.
  This is Natasha's (Cristine Rose) office. She is a strict, severe Russian figure skating coach. We built this on the rise above the skating rink so she would have a view of the skaters below.
  A tinkerer little brother's battle bot we made which losses a fight to a Zamboni.
  Another view of the ill-fated battle bot.
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