"Tux Shop/Dress Shop", opening sequence of  "A Night to Remember". The opening moments cut between the green Tux shop on the left and the blue dress shop on the right before revealing it is the same space. The shops then recede and the element in the center spins around revealing it is a split bathroom.
  Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale) and Ryan (Lucas Grabeel) prepare for their big prom night in their split bathroom wagon set. The bathroom rolls away, and a curtain raises revealing a neighborhood.
  "The Neighborhood" sequence from "A night to Remember". The boys (Zac Efron, Corbin Bleu, Lucas Grabeel & co.) collect their dates (Vanessa Hudgens, Monique Coleman, Olesya Rulin & co.)  are picked up by a hinged limousine wagon, the neighborhood facade flies out, then the house interiors split on rolling wagons, revealing a garden beyond.
  "Garden Party" sequence from "A Night to Remember". The final sequence was conceived as a New Orleans garden party. 
  Troy's (Zac Efron) treehouse. This house was established in two prior movies, without a tree or treehouse in the backyard. The third movie called for a size-able treehouse in the yard that had to accommodate choreography for a duet. This necessitated craning three massive trunks over the existing family home, sinking them 8 feet in the ground, then installing our tree house in them. This treehouse was later relocated to a turntable on a green screen stage for completion of the work on "Right Here, Right Now".
  Interior of Troy's (Zac Efron) treehouse.
  Junkyard set for "The Boy's are Back". Shacks were built and classic junked cars arranged in sort of an amphitheater for choreography.
  Detail of shed build in junkyard set for "The Boys are Back"
  Detail of the shed in the Junkyard set.
  Show scrim for the opening of "Senior Year". A lighting change from front to back-lit reveals basketball players in a stylized "Gym"
  "Gym" set for choreographed basketball number.
  "Gabriella's  (Vanessa Hudgens) House" element complete with Troy's (Zac Efron) climbing tree.
  Sharpay's (Ashley Tisdale) backstage dressing room stage set.
  Different view of Sharpay's (Ashley Tisdale) backstage dressing room stage set.
  A view of the "Roof Garden". Established as a humble extension for the school's botany club in the first movie, it greatly expanded into a lush, sprawling roof-top park with huge planter-beds, skylights, trees etc. to create a verdant and romantic landscape for the waltzing duet "Can I Have This Dance?" for the third film. It took over 40 crane-loads to get all the materiel onto the school roof.
  Lunchroom transformation in progress.
 "First Class Cabin", part of the opening sequence of "I want it All". We conceived of a moment in the song where overly-entitled twins Ryan (Lucas Grabeel) and Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale) imagine going on a fabulous trip. I created a very fun, vaudeville rotating set complete with fabulous 1960's Pan Am style stewardess (Monique Coleman) to accommodate this. Outside the window is a rotating column of sky with clouds and little birds.
  "Tahiti". After an extremely brief  flight, the twins arrive in a tiki themed tropical miniature paradise with a not-terribly-threatening volcano throwing a colorful plume skyward.
  "Disco"After a few beats of tropical sun and coconut drinks, they head to the club for an evening of dancing, then dash off the set for the next beats of the song.
  "Broadway". Soon we find them rolling in a cab down the sparkling streets of New York. We created faceted silver and gold "sky scrapers" that moved with the music. This was shot in a functioning school cafeteria, which just prior to this work, we had painted the iconic red and white. We had only a few days to totally repaint, add huge amounts of  lighting truss, lights and cable, and lay thousands of square feet of marlite high gloss dance floor.
 Soon the cab opens up, revealing it's not a cab at all, but Sharpay's (Ashley Tisdale) dressing room.
 Another great moment during "I want it All" involved a very Busby Berkeley moment involving dancers rotating custom built cafeteria tables with a central pivot.
  "Finale". This is the reveal of the final sequence of "I Want it All", the climax of Ryan (Lucas Grabeel) and Sharpay's (Ashley Tisdale) Broadway fantasy.
  Here is one of the final moments of the song in all it's glory, all in a public school cafeteria.
  "Scream". Troy's (Zach Efron) angsty solo "Scream" required a sort of Fred Astaire  moment, but unlike Astaire, his world was turning upside down. We built this chunk of hallway in a rotating rig, and VFX built the rest.
  Oversized Wildcat puppet for the opening basketball game against the rival knights.
  This shows a rig built for an extremely effective in-camera effect for the closing number that allowed the cast to run from graduation on the football field , have the curtain drop behind them, and with a VFX assist magically end up on the auditorium stage.
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