No more Baths is a family film centered around an impoverished share-cropper threatened with losing his land. Here is Jake the share-cropper's (Jim Mapp) old house, we built in an empty field surrounded by new developments to show the encroachment of the modern world.
  Here's a back view of the same worn out old house we built.
  An adjoining shack build on the edge of Jake's (Jim Mapp) vegetable garden.
  Detail of the garden shack.
  The shack beyond the garden. With the genius of the director's wife Deb, we managed to grow this as a practical vegetable garden in a few short weeks, making believable several scenes where Jake is tending to the plants.
  A whimsical forest clubhouse for the local kids, who are supposed to have cobbled it together from whatever garbage they could find. The entrance is the tilting beetle, whose hood opens with a secret lever hidden in the hollow of a tree.
  Detail of the open clubhouse door.
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