For the 2016 Sundance Utah Film Commission Living Room, me and my company (Creative Services Bureau) were asked to take a fresh look at their Main street venue location. In addition to the comfy, welcoming, host state, vibe we wanted to introduce a little more fun into the space. We quickly hit upon a post card people could pose in for photos. Our first model sold the idea.
 The three layered set piece finished in our shop.
 As the recharging of weary festival-goers and their phones is one of life's great struggles at Sundance, we embraced it fully by building long common tables with electric charging strips built right on top.
 In keeping with our classic red rock postcard, we built an old crank movie camera and provided some cowboy hats and wooden guns so guests could relive Utah's red rock western movie craze.
 Exterior signage begins to tell the story of Utah's rich film history as well as welcoming guests into the venue.
 The postcard was a hit.
 The venue included the comforts of home, welcoming all comers.
 A typically busy day for the Utah Film Commission Living Room at Sundance 2016.
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