Photo: Matt Hensley

Photo: Matt Hensley

Mark Hofeling has designed and art directed over 50 productions for film and television. He knew he was born to work in movies when, on a hot summer day in 1977 he saw the Millennium Falcon fly across a giant movie screen in downtown Salt Lake City and his father leaned over and whispered into his nine year old ear, "There are people who make all that stuff, you know." *CLICK* went the light bulb! 

Mark began his work in film at age 19, and designed his first feature, Leucadia Film's "Windrunner" (1995) six years later. Although Mark is now known for his work in Children's film and television, his first years in film were spent in horror, toiling in low budget art departments for Fangoria Magazine's trilogy "Mindwarp", "Children of the Night" and "Severed Ties" and on Films such as "Halloween 5" then working as an EFX tech and puppeteer on Sam Raimi's "Army of Darkness".

Many of his early projects as a production designer were stories of hard-luck realism in bleak desert-scapes and rough trailer-park poverty, like Fox Searchlights' "Nobody's Baby" (2001), CBS' "See You in my Dreams" (2000), or Showtime's "Edge of America" (2003) and "Just a Dream" (2002).

In 2005 Mark's professional life took a colorful turn when he was given his first Disney Channel Original Movie, "Buffalo Dreams" (2005). Since then Mark has designed over 20 Disney Channel Original Movies, including the three most watched cable movies of all time; "High School Musical 2" (2007), "Wizard's of Waverly Place, the Movie" (2009), and "Teen Beach Movie" (2013) as well as "High School Musical" 1 and 3  (2006 & 2008), the latter for Walt Disney Studios. These massively successful projects afforded Mark the exciting new challenge of designing for music and choreography.

Having worked in and out of Hollywood for years, Mark is adept at moving quickly into new locations and markets and building art departments from the ground up. In recent years he has traveled for extended periods to design shows in Barcelona, Spain; Toronto and Vancouver, Canada; Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia; and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Each new location has presented its own set of surprises and challenges to overcome.

Mark makes his home, when he is home, with Jesse, his beloved partner of 18 years in downtown Salt Lake City.


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