In 2015 I was honored to be invited to contribute to Climbing with Tigers, a visionary theatrical project that was a joint project of Dallas Graham's Red Fred Project, Flying Bobcat Theatrical Studios and the Salt Lake Acting Company. The play is based on a story Graham co-wrote with Nathan Glad, and 8 year old boy with Brittle Bones disease. I was asked to create Thunder Tiger, a menacing character confronted by the brave young hero in the final act.
 Since the actor would often be operating the head one-handed, it had to be light. I hadn't built a wicker piece since college, but it was obviously the right approach. Here Robert Scott Smith tries it out for the first time.
 A tissue-paper mache` served as a surprisingly strong skin. The translucent paper let the structure become natural tiger stripes, and picked up the color of any light projected on it.
 Thunder Tiger in the dark, dreamy night sky of the final act.  (Photo credit David Daniels, dave.d photography)
 Thunder Tiger with his new found friend in the final act of Climbing With Tigers.  (Photo credit David Daniels, dave.d photography)
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